Riverstone is an outstanding indoor and outdoor seamless stone flooring system that has instant visual appeal. It is hygienic, stain resistant, and easy to maintain, famously durable and adds value to any home, workspace or commercial institution.

Its longevity makes it a firm favorite with architects, designers, specifiers and home owners. Specially developed UV stable materials maintain the rich colour and quality of the Riverstone.

Riverstone uses only locally sourced naturally rounded quartz stone that has tumbled down fresh water rivers over millions of years. The quartz stone is not mechanically crushed and therefore has no cracks or fissures present.

The quartz stones are individually coloured in internationally certified ISO 9001 plants in Cape Town and in Johannesburg and the resins used are solvent free with little or no VOC’s ( Volatile Organic Compound ) as per international guidelines.

Riverstone floors are installed by licensed applicators throughout Sub Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

The 6mm Riverstone floors can be applied directly over new cement screeds, old tiles and most other substrates including wood and are therefore tailor-made for quick no-fuss renovation projects.

Riverstone Flooring is a brand of Seamless Flooring Systems

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RIVERSTONE seamless stone flooring and how is it applied?

RIVERSTONE is a flooring system that uses locally sourced natural quartz stone found in fresh water rivers in South Africa. It is mixed on site with specially developed UV stable resins and troweled by hand to a 6mm thickness creating a seamless surface.

A certain company advertises on the internet that their floor system “includes a Protective Topcoat”. How does this system differ from your RIVERSTONE® system?

The biggest difference is in the overall quality, price difference and longevity between these products.

Our External RIVERSTONE system comprises of quartz stone mixed with Aliphatic Polyurethane which is by the nature of its chemical generic 100% UV stable and resistant to sunlight.

A company that advertises “Including a Protective Topcoat” is only doing so because it uses an Epoxy Binder with the stone instead of a Polyurethane Binder because it is much cheaper. The problems with using Epoxy Binders externally are many and huge and almost always lead to catastrophic floor failure.

The problems associated with using a “Protective Sealer” over an Epoxy floor are that the resin chalks, streaky lines will appear in the floor after a few months, the floor will always go yellow as all Epoxy yellows on exposure to sunlight regardless of whether it has a “Protective Sealer” coat over it, it starts to break up as Epoxies go brittle on UV exposure unlike Polyurethanes that have more flexibility and can handle freeze thaw conditions.

Riverstone does not need to have a protective topcoat, as the quality is built into the system. Riverstone does not cut cost at the expense of quality, we want our products to last.

Do the stones feel sharp when you walk on them?

The stones are naturally tumbled and rounded. They have no sharp edges, chips or fissures as a result of this natural process.

Riverstone do not use stone that has been crushed in a stone crushing plant because they are brittle, have no strength, and are sharp and uncomfortable underfoot

Our stones come from rivers and are not mined. When you walk on a RIVERSTONE floor it is completely smooth and luxurious underfoot.

Is RIVERSTONE cold underfoot?

RIVERSTONE is neither cold in winter, nor hot in summer, and this is because the small pockets of air that are trapped between the stone will take on the ambient temperature of the air. It is certainly warmer than tiles, and screeds.

Can RIVERSTONE be used with under-floor heating?

The RIVERSTONE stone flooring system is under-floor heating compliant.

How durable is RIVERSTONE?

RIVERSTONE is extremely durable.  It measures 8 on the Measure of Hardness scale (MOH), where a diamond measures 10!

What about the South African climate?

Our resins are specifically developed for the harsh UV rays of our African climate as well as daily wear and tear.

Is RIVERSTONE slippery underfoot?

RIVERSTONE is a slip-resistant surface.  It is an ideal flooring system for pool surrounds, patios, showers, ramps and walkways.

Can I use it around my pool?

RIVERSTONE is an ideal flooring system for pool surrounds and outdoor areas as it is slip-resistant, durable and UV stable. Our floors carry a warranty not to yellow over time.

Can I use it in my braai/entertainment area?

RIVERSTONE can be used throughout your entertainment areas. It can flow from your internal living area onto your patio/braai area. It is especially suitable for entertainment areas due to its stain resistant properties and the fact that it is easy to clean.

Can I use RIVERSTONE in my shower?

Yes – RIVERSTONE is hygienic when used in showers. It is slip-resistant and smooth underfoot, and can create an uninterrupted flow from the bathroom floor into the shower.

Can it go on walls and stairs?

RIVERSTONE is often applied vertically on stairs and walls. It is a more timely procedure, but the product is very flexible to curves, and adaptable.

Can you create patterns and logos?

RIVERSTONE can incorporate patterns, corporate logos and colour changes across the floor. Special formable trims are used to create the shape of the desired pattern and separate colours,  while special “cut-outs” are used for logos. Logos can be colour matched.

Is RIVERSTONE stain-resistant?

Pore-Filled RIVERSTONE is ideal for kitchens due to its stain-resistant properties.

What is the difference between the Internal and External RIVERSTONE systems?

The RIVERSTONE external system has been specifically developed to be UV stable and will not yellow through exposure to the sun.

I am asthmatic, is RIVERSTONE suitable?

If you are asthmatic, look no further. Dust mites cannot live in a RIVERSTONE floor. Also, the pores in our floors will store settled, free flying dust. This means that the dust will not be wafted up into the air when the floor is walked on. The dust can then easily be removed with a vacuum cleaner.

How much does RIVERSTONE cost?

The RIVERSTONE is highly competitively priced against other quality hard flooring options. Our prices include installation and are no more expensive than a reasonable quality porcelain tile. Also, you are only charged for the actual area installed. You are not paying for any wasted offcuts.

Our RIVERSTONE floors are reasonable in cost, both for materials and installation. The flooring compares favourably with tile, terrazzo, slate, and flagstone, yet we believe it far surpasses all in looks and ease of maintenance!

The low maintenance of a RIVERSTONE floor makes it cheaper than most competitive flooring systems in the market over a three year period.



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Riverstone Flooring is a brand of Seamless Flooring Systems

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